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DreamBody, Inc is the #1 Rated Personal Training Company in Kennesaw Ga. The reason we are ranked #1 is because of the hundreds of clients that have seen results. Whether you're wanting to lose weight, or you're wanting to regain your strength after a traumatic event like a car accident or a stroke, DreamBody, Inc knows what to do and how to get you there. DreamBody give everyone 3 FREE SESSIONS. This allows you to try us out for 3 sessions to make sure we'll be the company to help you accomplish your goals. The 1st sessions is more for us than you. We will give you a health history assessment, and then take you through a fitness assessment. This will give us an opportunity to analyze where you are on your fitness/health journey. Once we've got that information, we'll customize a program based off your fitness level and the goals you want to accomplish.  

What Sets Us Apart

What sets DreamBody apart from other personal trainers or personal training companies is our Exercise Philosophy. Our Exercise Philosophy is different from most in that our goal is to get you to the point where you don't need a personal trainer anymore. We do this by focusing on Lifestyle Changes and making permanent changes. If you're looking to lose weight, we will break down the program into 3 Different Phases outlined in our WEIGHT LOSS page. Click Here to check it out.

If you have been injured in the past (due to exercise or a non exercise induced injury) we can help. DreamBody will lay out a very detailed program to work with or around your injuries to help prevent further injury and work towards a 100% recovery. Click Here to check out our Post Physical Therapy Training. 

If you're a Senior Citizen looking to increase your quality of life and live a healthy, independent life, DreamBody knows what you need. Click Here to check out or Senior Citizen Functional Training program.

If you're looking to get stronger, and learn the in and outs of strength training and proper nutrition, Click Here to check out our Strength Training program.