Who hasn't at some point been injured or had a small "tweak" in their lower back, knees or shoulders? For a lot of people, one of the biggest set backs or declines in their health/fitness journey starts with an injury. Once you've felt that excruciating pain that seems to freeze your whole body, you NEVER want to feel it again. So many times, people just avoid exercise out of fear of re-injury. If they decide to brace back into the world of lifting, there are so many questions to ask. What is the proper way to lift weights after an injury? What is correct form? What is the right amount of weight to use? How do you know you're doing it correctly? These are all questions many of us have had when trying to rebound from an injury. Physical therapy is great, but what happens afterwards? How do you progress your fitness program past what the Physical Therapist showed you? 

DreamBody Fitness Professionals specialize in "Post Physical Therapy Training." This EXTREMELY specif type of training can only be done by someone who has been trained in injury prevention, bio-mechanics, the human anatomy and has a profound knowledge of how the muscles, tendons, ligaments work. Many times the key to successfully bouncing back into the realm of a exercise, whether it be weight lifting, cross-training, circuit training or functional training, lies in your POST PHYSICAL THERAPY TRAINING PROGRAM. Having a Fitness Professional beside you, guiding you through the proper form and technique, can not only prevent further or more harmful injury, but also get you back on the path to achieving your fitness goals. For more information on DreamBody's Post Physical Therapy Programs CLICK HERE.