Lean & Sculpted Legs

female legs.jpg

No matter the time, place, outfit or occasion, having a nice set of legs is always welcome. So how do we get you to the point where your legs are the star of the show? Angle changes, maximize reps, increased weight with certain movements, and of course patience. If the legs are your focus, then that's what you'll need to do; focus. This workout will specifically focus on quads and hamstrings. If you need to purchase "Lean & Sculpted Glutes" then do so when you feel the timing is right. Enjoy, and train hard.

Lean & Sculpted Shoulders

female fitness shoulders.jpg

Attractive shoulders set the tone for your desired physique. If your shoulders are nice, and your posture is set, then the rest of your body flows. Clothes look nice, people are impressed, and it shows you care about yourself. The uniqueness of this workout will bring your shoulders down a path not often traveled. The constantly changing angles and volume will challenge those muscles to give you just the right amount of pop and show. So lets get to it! 

Lean & Sculpted Abs

woman abs.jpg

When abs show, they are gorgeous. However, in order for them to have the attractive shape and desired lines you want, they'll need to have resistance applied to them. It's a common misconception that all you have to do is eat less and get rid of the overlying fat. Though true, you'll be left with hardly any shape or muscle definition. Being smarter than the average body sculptor, you know that by training muscles in a challenging way, the stomach of your dreams can be a reality.